Alexander Voorhaar is one of the main official monsters of the lore.


Born in November 29 1936. Alexander grew up in a very poor glum family. His youth was tattered with coal. Alexander's family consisted of only him and his mother and father. His mother tragically passed away while she was birthing him, and his father was a tall, malevolent and a very unpleasant strict man. Alexander's father never showed any form of benevolent emotions towards his son and he always had the tendency to yell at him whenever he aspired to be something. He never let Alexander get any form of education, he thought it was better if he himself taught his son everything he knew. It let to Alexander being taught by his father about business's. "The essence and the knowledge of working hard." His father only cared for himself and that his son would become like him. "A hard-working, extravagant and an avid businessman."

When Alexander grew up, he read a lot. Everything he could get his hands on. His knowledge about the world grew and he proved that he was very, very intelligent.

He was particularly interested in everything scientific, the sterile environments fascinated him. The human body he found, so... so precious. He decided to persuade the government in into helping him fund a new brazen project; 'F-Science'. His own facility, his own... desired creation.

He was 16 at the time. The year being 1950. He was incredibly young for such a bold project, but due to his ego-ism and narcissism he thought he was intelligent and competent enough to truly instigate such a brazen project, when his facility was finally completed, he decided on that everyone should work very hard to ensure its place into the scientific community. His facility contributed a lot to the scientific community, and the pompous skyscraper was being expanded on every day. In the end, however. He started to think to himself; "Why not build underground?". Alexander knew that building underground would pave the way to an even greater success.

Under the following years, the underground expanded hastily. New massive sectors were built, and the facility was described as "the eight wonder of the world". All this magnified Alex's avaricious and narcissistic worldview even further.

Under the years, Alex's mental state was deteriorating. His mind slowly becoming more and more tainted with darkness. He started to exasperate his emotions on his staff, causing unhealthy work-loads, smaller wages and ultimately a decay of his own business.