The Maze is the second most important area in the lore. It lies right under F-Science.


In 1926, a man called Awix Hollow founded a never-before-seen science facility. Nobody knows its name, but it has been nicknamed as; 'The Maze'.

The Maze's purpose was to find a cure, a cure for a malignant disease that was lingering around at that time. Awix's plans were ambiguous. He thought the cure could be a multi-purpose medicine, boosting intelligence, making people mentally strong. Sadly, Awix contracted this disease and slowly went insane due to it. His personality altered and he disappeared, leaving his own facility in ruins. The maze slowly sank deep into the ground, and at around 1948 it sank until it reached a depth of 3000M. Dark, decrepit and powerless. It now lies under F-Science, sealed up. Never to be explored ever again.


The Maze is an incredibly dark facility, lurking in the depths. The place consists of high humidity and very high temperatures. The Maze is built into several ravines with massive structures and support beams made out of bricks, holding giant metal walls into place. Everything is very rock-like and in composition like nature.